Hello Admin

After reading the piece by Jeff Chandler over on the Tavern about abusing admin notices I felt compelled to add my voice to the conversation.

Admin notices are something we’re going to have to live with in the short term.  So, in the meantime I figured I could write a stupid little plugin to keep admin notices lookin’ swell and goin’ strong.

Please check out my plugin Hello Admin.

WP_Places Plugin

What is WP_Places Plugin?

If you find you regularly write blog posts about (local?) businesses you might want to provide info such as hours, phone number, address to your users.  However, this can be difficult to keep current.

Fortunately Google offers an API called Google Places API Web Service.   Google Place API Web Service allows you to Add up-to-date information about millions of locations.

WP_Places Plugin requires a Google Places API Web Service Key. However, at the time of writing the API key is free and provides up to 1,000 requests per 24 hour period. If you verify your identity (by providing Google a Credit Card) they will increase your daily request per 24 hours to 150,000.

Once Installed, WP_Places takes name and location and displays a DIV containing Business Name, Address, Hours, Phone Number, Website.

How Does WP_Place Plugin Work?

  1. Install the plugin from the WordPress Plugins repository.
  2. WP_Places adds a page to /wp-admin.

  3. In the menu page add your Google Places API Web Service Key and save.  (Google TOS requires you to attribute them with the info…to do so, check the box).

  4. I’ve included some default CSS that can be edited on the plugin settings page.
  5. When you are writing a Post you will see a new field labeled WP Places.  Here is where you add the name and address of the business you want to include information about.  Treat it like you would a Google search…the more info, the better likelihood you’ll get the location data you’re looking for.
    Place Information
    Place Information

    How do I get WP_Places?

You have 2 options.

Search for WP_Places in the Plugins > Add New menu on your WordPress
Download the zip file from the WordPress plugin repository

How do I get support for WP_Places?

Please use the Support Section at the WordPress repository.  It’s a free plugin that gives me features I need for a few of my WordPress’s and I hope it helps you as well.  However, it’s not a commercial plugin so unless you want to throw wild amounts of money at me to customize it…don’t be disappointed if my response to feature suggestions is luke-warm.

How do I support WP_Places?

Donate to Foster Closet (http://www.fostercloset.org/Donate.html), a charity local to me that does really awesome stuff.
Find me at a Word Camp and buy me a beer.
Drop me a line on twitter @binarygary and tell me I’m amazing and probably even a good person for minutes at a time.