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After reading the piece by Jeff Chandler over on the Tavern about abusing admin notices I felt compelled to add my voice to the conversation.

Admin notices are something we’re going to have to live with in the short term.  So, in the meantime I figured I could write a stupid little plugin to keep admin notices lookin’ swell and goin’ strong.

Please check out my plugin Hello Admin.

WordCamp Deeply – WCJAX 2016


This weekend was my first time volunteering at WordCamp, my first time speaking at a WordCamp, and my first time attending WordCamp in my city. [dramatic pause]

Prior to camp, I offered to help for very selfish reasons.  I love WordCamp and I love Jax and I wanted to make sure neither one let the other down. (I’m silly like that sometimes).
I was experiencing the city-wide inferiority complex that we sometimes have here in Jax AND I had high expectations of WordCamp based on my history of camps (WCTPA, WCUSA, WCMIA…all amazing camps).

I dunno why I worried…I know how this community works.
OF COURSE we had volunteers from Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta and naturally Jacksonville (thank you folks! you sincerely rock deeply!).
OF COURSE we had amazing speakers from all over.  Speakers I follow and respect on twitter, github, .org, and elsewhere.
OF COURSE I learned a ton from nearly everyone I crossed paths with.

So many people in this community are so awesome:
Kathy Drewien did what she does best and reminded us that beyond the code and design and deliverables our colleagues and friends (and soon to be friends) are DOING AMAZING THINGS with WordPress.
Micah Wood stepped up and filled in when a speaker wasn’t able to make it to the event and delivered a super-technical presentation like he’d rehearsed it for just such an occasion.
David Bisset, a WordCamp organizing mastermind/villain, (seriously, the guy was alarmingly comfortable at the after-party in an underground lair) was the loudest cheerleader for the 5 devoted organizers (more on them below).

That’s just the tip of the iceberg!
I chatted with Patricia who flew in from DC to her first WordCamp and is writing her own recipe plugin to get experience writing within WP.
Jim from St. Pete so easily explained post-post relationships in a way that hadn’t clicked for me before.
Beau was extremely complimentary of my presentation and ran around tirelessly shooting photos on Saturday with an aura of positivity around him the entire time.
At the after party Derek and I commiserated over the stress we had felt prior to speaking and high-fived at the news of our average attendee count!
Bruce carries a zest for life and pride in his work that is worthy of emulation by all!

I’ve left out many, many conversations that challenged, educated, and excited me.  So…a general thank you to all the unnamed folks that I met and talked with this weekend.  Your presence and efforts are vitally important!

Finally, and most importantly…Stephanie, Frank, Daniel, Karena, Elizabeth thanks so very much for bringing WordCamp to Jax.  It was an amazing weekend and a breath of fresh air. Thank You!

If you’re thinking about getting involved with your local meetup or WordCamp, don’t hesitate.  I thought about being “involved” until I didn’t have a logical choice…and I wish I had done it sooner.

WordCamp Jax 2016 – WordPress Hosting: Happily Ever After

Here’s the description I wrote before I started working on this presentation…slide link below.

Much like finding a perfect mate, finding the perfect host is easier for some folks than it is for others.  We’ll discuss what really matters when choosing a host, what you should ask on your first date, how to live with their flaws, and strategies for a happy life together.  A strong relationship needs open lines of communications.  Discover what lines of communication are available and how to openly discuss the difficult topics! Hopefully after some soul searching you can be on your way to “Happily Ever After”.

Slides: Choosing a Host

WordCamp Jax 4/16/2016

Presenting @ My First WordCamp

Way back in September of 2015 I attended my first WordCamp.  I learned more in that weekend than I’d learned in months of internet searching about WordPress.  I was positively blown away that I could speak to humans that actually wrote some of the WordPress code (I have since found those humans are called ‘core contributors’).  I was amazed that the entire thing, including 2 lunches, ran me ~$40.  And further, it’s 100% volunteer run.  Hooray open source!!!!

I’ve since attended WCUSA and WCMIA.  At WCUSA a WCTPA organizer saw me in my WCTPA t-shirt and we got to chatting.  They mentioned that Jax might be having a WordCamp and that one of the organizers was a speaker at at WCUSA.  So I chased down said organizer and exchanged email addresses.  I think I basically said something like:

I love Jacksonville, and WordCamp (and tacos) and if those things happen to intersect at some point…well good luck keeping me away.

I thought it might be fun to talk about how I use WordPress in front of people that are sucking up wifi while working on their laptops and mostly ignoring me and my slides with silly pictures.  However, the talk I submitted was not selected for the developer track, rather the user track (in case you cannot tell by the subtext…I’m nervous).

So…here I sit one day out from presenting at my first WordCamp in my favorite city wondering what I should have for lunch (tacos).
I’m super energized. Like I’ve had seven cups of coffee (I have only done that one time in my life).

No idea how it’ll go…I talk fast…especially when I’m nervous.  So, I’ll probalby talk too fast tomorrow…or overcompensate and run out time, or stutter, or burp into the microphone.  But, maybe I’ll help someone out in a meaningful way.  That would be ?.com

If you’re @ WordCamp Jax ’16 come tell me I did a good job…even if I didn’t!  It’ll make my day.